The National Recording Preservation Foundation

The National Recording Preservation Foundation (NRPF) promotes the preservation of and public awareness about recorded audio history. We work with public and nonprofit archives throughout the United States to celebrate and preserve cultures of sound and amplify shared audio heritage.

We fund grants to preserve at-risk audio collections.

National Recording Preservation Foundation
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Audio Heritage

Did you know analog audio media is endangered? NRPF works to preserve our audio history.
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Preservation Resources

Resources to inform and plan audio digitization projects.
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Community Catalyst

We connect and share information for funders, policymakers, and the audio preservation community.

Current NRPF Initiatives

What Is at Stake?

Without action and dedicated resources, unique and irreplaceable audio heritage may be lost.

Audio Preservation Resources

Audiovisual media require special care and handling. NRPF does not directly preserve collections, but we can connect you to information that will help.

Sound Files Podcast

NRPF's first podcast episode is available now, and stay tuned for new episodes to post monthly in 2024!

NRPF Grants

The NRPF has awarded over a quarter of a million dollars to support the digitization and stewardship of at-risk audio collections.